Sunday, April 6, 2008


After the bbq yumminess at Rub mel, Mike, Jason, Kate and I retired to Casa Palmateer to watch the last few episodes of Battlestar Galactica season 3 and the season 4 premiere. Man i can't even tell you how much i love that show! (well i could, but that would need its own post) Anyhoo, Kate and Mike turned in after the Cylon festivities while Mel, Jason and I wiied. Jason and I showed Mel how to bowl and box. I actually like watching the people who are playing more than the screen. Jason was pretty stoic, but really got into bowling Mel made the best faces We explored some of the Wii party games. It is amazing that some games can be so AWESOME while other games on the same system are lamer than a Gremlin at Daytona. Why, oh why would there be a video version of beer pong?!? And why, for the love of Pete, would anyone call it "Ping Cup"? Why would the knockoff skee ball (i think it was called Scoot Ball) have a huge clown face on the background? You can't use your miis in these games so you pick a character; why were they all in costume? Do you really need to be a masked flamenco dancer to shoot darts? The trivia was kinda fun, except when JP got the "sports" category 3 rounds in a row and beat me 92-7, but we all know i'll take trivia games in basically any form. I think I can safely say that i am in love with the boxing. I think that if i had Wii boxing at my house I would never go out. Ever.


Kaaren said...

UGH, I can't DO the boxing! or the golf or tennis for that matter. Just the boling.

Ka2Spider1 said...

Testing this open id thing on comments. Ignore me.

Erin said...

Just wait until we test the wii out on the monstrosity in the basement!