Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Selling Out to the Man - Econosize

Last week Melanie bemoaned that she and Mike had "sold out to the man" cause they have started using the Wal-Mart pharmacy. Well today I bought a Sam's Club membership, so that means I must have gotten the 4-pack of sell out. I had gone to buy paper towels. It is one of the only things i will not use a generic brand on - it has to be Bounty, or i'm not interested. (and how much do you love, love, love the half-sized sheets?!?) Last year my mom bought me the giant pack when she came to visit for my birthday (hmmm...is that coming up?) and I am using the last roll. Since I was only going to buy the one thing I had borrowed team member Wendy's card. Of course, I started looking around and saw a few things i could use, at bargain basement prices. Buuuuut, I couldn't justify using her card for so many things; then i realized that it wasn't really right to use her card at all. I have an honesty "problem" that way: stupid dang conscience always getting in the way. I did some math with possible savings, took into account that there is an extra paycheck in May (dontcha love months with 5 Fridays?) and signed up for a one year membership. It made me feel oddly grown-up. (yeah, i don't know why either) Now a whole world of multi-packs and econosizes has opened up to me. Yes, i know i am far more excited than i should be. I know that i need to comparison shop cause not all of the prices are bargains. I know that i still need to stick to my budget. I know that I need to keep an eye on storage issues. The only thing I am not sure about is how to tap this keg of salsa.


Stephanie said...

Okay...it took me awhile to read your post because I got stuck on the part where you said that your mother bought you paper towels and you are just NOW using the last roll...ONE YEAR LATER. WTH? I'm flabbergasted!

With our usage around here, I find the 8 pack convenient because it lasts a week, one roll a day...Oh, no...wait a minute. That would be more than a roll a day. I guess that's what you get when you have four kids....you use a lot of paper towels and your math sucks. LOL. :-)

Kaaren said...

LOL - I have beeen a Sam's Club member for 13 years....all paid for by work!! They pay my membership so I can shop for the office there

Speaking of...we hardly use paper towels. I bought a 3-pack 2 months ago and still have one left in the second pantry.

We have a kitchen drawer with clean kitchen towels. Gifts from Christmases past, or quick dollar bin buys at Target. There are about 10 clean ones in there at any time. We own about 25. We use them to clean spills or dry hands, whatever the case. The dirty ones get put in a plastic bag in the 3rd pantry (lol - we have a 3rd pantry now) and when it gets full it goes upstairs to get sorted with the rest of the laundry and washed. Saves tons of $$.