Sunday, April 6, 2008


Who doesn't love barbeque? Mel and Mike were in town over the weekend for a friend's going away party so they hooked up with me and the Palmateers for some dinner on Friday. Since I had to work later than everyone else (isn't that always the case? i need a vacation) Jason picked a BBQ joint downtown on Light St, past Federal Hill, called Rub. There's the rub... C'mon! Someone had to say it! - Melanie I really liked the faux-Texas decor and the laid back atmosphere. The sausage was excellent, the mild BBQ sauce was yummy and the moni cheese (that would be macaroni and cheese for those of you not yet fluent in Niki) had extra pepper which some people (including me) loved. The bourbon pecan pie was delightful (how could that NOT be good) and others thought the banana pudding was amazing (yech - i don't care for banana pudding). I was tickled by the mason jar glasses; a lot of places do that using the pint sized jars, but these were the honkin' quart sized jars. Of course the best part of dinner was being with these hooligans

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