Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon

What could make my living room look like this? Or make the studio look like this? Or make the kitchen looks like this? Okay the kitchen always looks like that, but what could have caused all of the rest of this mayhem? Preparations for the following announcement: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have opened an Etsy Shop! For any who might not know, Etsy is an on-line marketplace where all of the items are either handmade, vintage or supplies to make handmade items. It is an amazing place where items range from scrapbooking crafts to high art. I love to just surf around and be inspired by the talent and creativity. In fact, I have been working on the logistics and my courage for a year. I established the shop name and location 54 weeks ago and have been slowly creating, researching, designing, photographing and writing in preparation for this day. [i mean, let's not rush into anything!] I am not expecting to make money at this venture, but i wanted to challenge myself; I sorta wanted to prove to myself that i could do it. It also takes care of New Year's Resolution #4 "Put my work up for sale." I have started small with 26 cards sets that range from very basic to Niki-complicated It may not look like much, but that's 135 handmade cards! but I intend to add individual cards, handmade paper, cool found objects and jewelry. Someday i might even be brave enough to put some of my assemblage pieces up for sale. The store is called NikCo after the imaginary company i had for years that used to send presents to Rickki. It was convenient to blame lateness on the warehouse staff and to "custom order" things for her from the catalogue. Hey Rea- who woulda thought that 20 years later you really could order something from NikCo? I need to be sure to thank my graphic designer in California for my bitchin' logo, my tech support in Texas for his invaluable research and counsel and my graphic support over in the corner (always hire people smarter and more talented than you, people). Okay, enough of me blathering, go check out NikCo and then tell your friends, family and people on the street to go there as well! YIPPEE!!!!!!!