Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The final result of the CHALLENGE! was a thorough tromping by Erin, 610 to 375.
Therefore, i owed her a home-cooked dinner.
Now Erin is not necessarily the most adventurous eater; i wanted to make something that i thought she'd like, but i didn't want to do anything boring, either.
Erin really likes ham and cheese so that was my starting platform. I decided to do a rolltini variation of Chicken Cordon Bleu, substituting medium cheddar for swiss and a garlic/herb coating (it's Shake-N-Bake and i helped) for the cream sauce.
I had some nice chicken breasts, but they needed thinned for rolling.
That's when i realized i don't own a meat mallet.
There was a moment of panic until i remembered that i have a mini sledge hammer. [it was thrown the rear window of my car during the 1996 Olympics; no, i wasn't in Atlanta; i was in my friend's living room all night watching the ladies win the gymnastics team gold; when i went outside to go home at midnight the window was gone and the backseat was filled with glass and this sledge; i don't know why i kept it; it's been living in the bottom of my toolbox for 13 years; glad i didn't get rid of it, now]
It's not pretty but it got the job done.
I also made individual escalloped potato stacks, green beans almondine and the infamous PW apple dumplings.
Everything was packed into the car
and i was off to the middle of nowhere... i mean, Erin and Steve's house.
The best part of cooking at their house was using a full-sized oven.
 Look - more than one dish at a time!
I was overall pleased with the results.
The only thing i would really do differently would be the butter on the potato stacks. I adapted a recipe from Tasty Kitchen that was spot-on about cooking time, but called for (i realize in retrospect) waaaaaay to much butter.
How much butter is too much?
Well, when the cat leaps onto the table to lap at the pool of melted butter left on the serving plate you know that there was a wee-much butter.
Of course, the cat in question also ate a toasted almond.
Yes, an almond.
Hey, can i have some, too?
Nothing like rewarding someone for winning an exercise challenge with a meal involving cheese and/or butter in every course.
Congratulations, Erin.
Thanks for the friendly competition.

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Erin said...

All four animals gave that meal a huuuge paws up! Steve and I also enjoyed it thoroughly...though we might need to have an Apple Dumpling intervention with Steve-yeah, it's that bad...breakfast...dinner...he's eating them...