Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Quotes

I work with a cast of characters. Really, they are all freaks. In a good way, of course. With the office populated with so much personality it is not unusual to hear statements that make no sense out of context. Well actually many of the comments make on sense IN context. A good example would be the classic lunchtime quote from TM (team member) Amy, We need a table; i have mushrooms. Many days we'll come in from the road and find some bit of wit and/or/nor wisdom written on the white board. There has been an on-going discussion for several years of us trying to create a compendium of the insanity. For some reason, that makes me think of this blog. Therefore, I will be, upon occasion, capturing bits of dialog here, under the label Quick Quotes. Don't try to understand what's going on, just enjoy the scenery. [hmmmmm... that might be the motto of the Nikiverse, actually] October Team Day 2009 TM Megan - I can't think right now; i've had too much cinnamon.

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