Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Even better than free cable

This past weekend I was an emergency, stand-in dogsitter.
Former team member (fTM) Kate was going away and at the last moment her dogsitter had to cancel. I had no big plans so i agreed to do it. I love dogs so i figured it would be a piece of cake. After finding the house (i've been there before, but its been a while so someone sent me directions with the wrong street name; luckily i locate places for a living) Friday after work I went in to meet my charge.
This is Guiness.
He's a ridiculously cute beagle.
Having never met me before there was a lot of barking and just a touch of teeth-baring. He is far too good natured to snap, but he was definitely suspicious.
I had him sniff my hand, palm-down while i used his name several times.
I walked to the kitchen to read the Care Instructions with him barking and eye-balling me the whole time. Once i ascertained that he goes out the front door, I tried to let him out.
His bladder won over his caution.
I sealed the deal by having his dinner ready when he came in. After that we were bosom buddies.
Guiness' person did lie a little about one part his routine. She said that he normally tuckers out around 7pm.
 Harumph! At 10:00 he was still going strong with his favorite game Can I Eat the Dogsitter's Hand?
Like most members of the terrier/beagle/hunt dog family, he only has 2 speeds :
(check out that tail blur before he leapt over the couch)
  and stop.
In that way he reminded me a lot of me.
We got along fabulously.
He even kept me company during the night. It was a bit strange that he likes to sleep at the foot of the bed, under the covers.
How in the world does he breathe?
 Besides faking me out to get extra treats, Guiness enjoys chasing the cat, spending quality time with his bed and playing fetch both inside
and outside
I love that he plays tug-of-war with a referee doll
i think it might be an editorial comment by his dad
He was also fascinated by the camera, often trying to lick the lens.
I have always had pets and really miss having another living creature in my home.
 My schedule does not really allow the time to properly care for anything more sentient than a hermit crab. It was fun to have a dog, a cat, a salamander and 4 fish tanks, even if it was only for the weekend.
Did i mention that i reeeeeallllllly want a dog?


Stacey P said...

oops. Just went back and reread the email to see what street name I missed. He plays the extra treat game with me too.

Anonymous said...

i must admit...my dog might just be the freaking cutest thing ever. you are more than welcome to watch him whenever you want! :)

Erin said...

I don't know...my girls might give yours a run for its money ;) Niki, you're welcome to watch mine whenever you want too...especially Kallie ;)

Megan said...

My dog slept under the covers too - its a burrowing thing - supposedly!