Saturday, October 3, 2009

you scream, i scream, we all scream

Last weekend my friend Rachel came down to Pirate Weekend at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
 Of course, i was working so i couldn't go.
She was planning on heading back to Jersey at the same time i was getting off from work so she inquired about meeting for ice cream. I knew just the place: Dino Bites is a dinosaur themed ice cream parlor in Glen Burnie. It is yummy, fun and located right between work and the Fair. As is my luck, it is also apparently closed, which i discovered when i tried to get the address to text it to Rachel.
So i'm sitting at my desk bemoaning the extinction of Dino Bites when team member Amy chirps You should go to the secret ice cream place.
Excuse me?
By her house, there is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that sits back off of the road that you kinda have to know is there. She drew me a map, explained how to find it and full of confidence i set off.
I met Rachel and her girlfriend Jen at a local 7-11 and they followed me to Arbutus. (non-Marylanders: that is a neighborhood that is 2 over from mine, about 15 minutes away).
It was dark and pouring rain; we almost ended up in a culvert. It was like trying to find lost treasure of the Incas or the Yeti or something. Amy was not kidding that you REALLY need to know that it is there or you will miss it. But finally we discovered the secret ice cream place.
How cute is the Ice Cream Cottage?
And look at the inside
It was so bright and cheerful after the dark, wet journey to find it.
I mean this place even has a charming door bell
with a BOW, for heaven's sake.
Did i mention that all of the tables have checker boards painted onto them? With hand-made, custom checker boxes?
It was like a place from another century; i almost expected to see a soda jerk behind the fountain.
As an added bonus, it is a Hershey's ice cream parlor so they had Denali Moose Tracks.
But of course the best part was catching up with Rachel and getting to meet Jen. (who doesn't like ponies, but seems cool anyway)
I'd try to explain how to find the Ice Cream Cottage, but really you need a guide who's been there.
The experience is worth it, but consider hiring a Sherpa, really.

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