Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my home is not to be confused with a restaurant

Some nights i don't get around to dinner until kinda late and end up having whatever catches my fancy, or more likely, whatever is around. One night last week, I decided that i really wanted some tuna fish, even though i didn't have any celery or bread. No problem; mix up some tuna salad, substitute pickles for celery and eat it on crackers. Ugly,but tasty. I also had some broccoli that needed attention quick so i chopped it up, added sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and ranch to make a salad. Yum But then i got to thinking that i needed some carbs in there, plus i really wanted something hot. There was leftover mango curry rice in the fridge so i nuked a bowl of it. Even tastier the second day. As each portion (i don't think i can justify calling them courses) of the meal was finished i carried it to the living room so that i could watch a movie while i ate. When i finally sat down to eat i looked in front of me and just started laughing. Is it the most ridiculous looking meal ever? It's like i am one of those people that can't let their food touch before they eat it. Or like i am having a progressive meal, but all in the same house. It occurs to me that i am like a homeful hobo. Really; i eat like Hobo Joe in my own home. If i have a particular craving i'll see if there is some way to satisfy it, but otherwise i scour the kitchen for whatever i can find, cobbling together meals that satisfy at least more than one food group. If i planned menus and then shopped from the menus i bet my dinners would be a bit more traditional and a bit less like i am surviving on a deserted island. ohhhh... i bet there are gold stars to be had for this whole "menu" thing.


Anonymous said...

Who has dried cranberries just sitting around the house?

Niki said...

Worse still - i inherited those cranberries from Justin when i cleaned out his apartment.