Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Books, 2010 edition

2010 was a strange year for reading in the Nikiverse.
I read a bit less than usual and did quite a bit of rereading beloved books for comfort; however, i did find a few new authors/series that i really like.
 Let's go to the numbers, Richard:
books read: 98
most read month: July, 18
least read month: February and March tie, 2
rereads: 15
YA: 43
new series started: 7
Glad I read it, but not worth the hype: Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer; yes, i finally read it. I was pleasantly surprised that the books were better than i was expecting; I pounded out all four books in a week just to get it over with. There were some interesting new takes on vampire-lore. I kinda wished she's stopped at Twilight cause it could easily have stood alone. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn were both fine and took some nice turns. You couldn't pay me enough money to read New Moon again - blech. After reading the books i am actually more disinclined than ever to see the movies.
Why is there not more way more hype?: Percy Jackson series by Rick Riorodan; holy crap are these books good. Not only is this a fun, quick-paced adventure, it is a great intro to the hero's journey mythos. Plus it gets Greek mythology right; you're learning without even realizing it. Riordan has released the first book in the next series/crossover that covers Roman mythology; i'm unamused that i have to wait for the next one.
Favorite new series: Dresden Files by Jim Butcher; so good i got a sunburn because of it. I'm not really sure how i missed this wizard private eye series, but i'm glad i finally found it. The characters aren't one-dimensional and undergo serious changes across the series. Harry Dresden has a flippant, sardonic way of looking at life with thoughts and comments peppered with geeky pop references that a Gen X-er (even a happy-go-lucky one like me) can appreciate. I read all 10 books right in a row and thought that was the whole series, just to find out that there is an 11th book coming out this year. Hurry!
 Favorite new author: Jasper Fforde; his Nursery Crime series is fast and funny. I've started his Thursday Next series, but can't comment on them cause they are in 2011, but i will say that it is nice to have an author write for an audience who knows books.
Best non-fiction book: you know i don't like non-fiction, but Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv about nature deficiency was phenomenal. If you work with kids, have kids or ever encounter kids at all in your life you should read this book that hypothesises that a lot of the health and developmental issues plaguing this generation of children isn't just because of the time they spend with technology, but because of the time they don't spend in nature. It is fascinating to see the distinction between those two things and it warms my heart to finally hear someone say that playing on a soccer team does not COUNT as being in nature. Read it.


Erin said...

Did you read the other quite hyped series, "The Hunger Games"? They're pretty darn good..Steve finished the trio, I'm still halfway through the second since I have less time to read at the moment, but I highly recommend them! (Unless you're not into a dystopian society with kids having to kill each other for the sport of others ...)

Kaaren said...

Check out the Dresden Files tv series from 2007. Might be on Netflix.

Thought New Moon was a waste, too.

We have the first 3 Percy Jackson books, just have not gotten around to them yet.

Hunger Games was great, Catching Fire was good and Mockingjay was pretty bad. So disappointed in the series' ending.

I just got that Fforde book you recommended from Paperback Swap; The Eyre Incident, I think. :)

Anonymous said...

My beef with Jim Butcher: incessant attempts to show that something is super-dramatic by putting it in italics.


Rea said...

But have you read the crazy book I told you about????

Niki said...

Rea- You told me i have to listen to it instead of reading it, so i am waiting for an audio copy.