Wednesday, February 16, 2011

like i need another reason to love the library

Thanks to everyone who commented on my anniversary post.
Of the 33 postcards and 33 notecards that i need to make, I have 24 postcards done.
This giveaway (my first, and therefore a new thing for February) is an exciting challenge for me and it means that i will be spending quite a bit of time in the studio this week as i'd like to mail parcels this weekend.
Which brings me to yet another reason i love the library.
This is the stack of CDs i checked out yesterday.
I love to explore and try new music; i'll walk along the CD shelves at the library and pull things that look interesting or that maybe i've heard of but haven't heard or that have a cool cover or that are in another language or that are in a genre i know nothing about. It doesn't cost anything so if I'm gonna be listening to music in the studio anyway, i might as well broaden my musical horizons while i make cards, right? Free music from the library makes me smile.
{little known fact that jazz makes the Doughboy smile}


Kaaren said...

Our library is a bit tight with the music and dvd's too. You can only have 5 out at a time, only for one week and you can't renew them.

Manta said...

Wow, that is a lot of music, you should let us know which CD you like best.

Rachel said...

Listen to Mumford and Sons. (If you haven't already.)

Niki said...

Kaaren-that is ridiculous; i currently have 58 items checked out from my library
Manta-i'm really liking the new Kings of Leon
Rachel-never heard of them; i'll look for it

Rachel said...

Let me know what you think. I suspect they may be a new favorite for you.