Thursday, February 3, 2011

oceans are made of drops

I'd like to believe that most people are interested in helping those around them; that in a world where we are constantly trying to Look Out For Number One we are also quietly looking out for others as well. That's why places like the Hunger Site, the Rainforest Site, the Child Health site, the Literacy Site, the Breast Cancer Site, the Animal Rescue Site and Free Rice exist.
Over Christmas i read about a guy who decided to give up his daily coffee and donate that money to a different charity every day; his journey is documented at Living Philanthropic and it gave me pause.
Could i do something like that?
I've been thinking, budgeting, researching and am heartened to see that there a lot of people in the blogosphere trying to make a difference, from Philanthroper which allows people to donate $1 a day to various place to Everyday Philanthropist who blogs all sorts of ways to be a giver.
 But what can a girl who works at a non-profit do?
I don't drink expensive coffee or eat out for lunch; there is no fat in my budget to be trimmed. I can't find $5 a day or even $1 a day.
But i still want to do something.
Even something little.
 I mean, even a tiny bit is more than nothing, right?
If I move a few things around in the budget, take a little cut here or there, certainly i can find 50 cents a day. Soooooo, i am putting the charity line item back in my budget at $15 a month. I'll post on my blog where the money is going to go every month so that if any of you have been wondering how you can make a difference with your two dollars, you'll have an easy suggestion.
Last week a friend and co-worker from Objects Found lost his battle with colon cancer. In honor of Tony, this month's donation will be going to the Susan Cohan Kasdas Colon Cancer Foundation. Donations of $5 and higher can be made right on that site; donations smaller than $5 can be dropped off at Objects Found. It might only be a drop in the bucket, but a bunch of drops make an ocean, right?


Melanie said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Niki. This is a great thing to do in his memory.

Michelle said...

Tony's Memorial is this Saturday night... we are all meeting at the end of the Jewelry show and probably carpooling if you want to come. Lovely post.

Kaaren said...

I am trying to commit to $25 per month this year, sponsoring friends. When we did our taxes, I was SO embarrassed at *myself* for the poor donating we did in 2010.

January = Special Olympics, sponsoring a friend/co-worker on a Penguin Plunge.