Tuesday, March 29, 2011

conquering hubris

I was reading this series by Garth Nix about a boy who had to battle the personification of the seven deadly sins to save the universe and ran across this week's quote in the sixth book, Superior Saturday:
There is never one absolutely right thing to do. All you can do is honor what you believe, accept the consequences of your actions, and make the best out of whatever happens.
After spending much of last week wrestling with deadlines and commitments to prioritize them and make a plan, it really spoke to me. Since i know that i can't do everything and have to choose carefully, it means that i will sometimes disappoint people -including myself- and i have to be okay with that. Intellectually i KNOW that is true, but i need to read it, write it and say it aloud to help my heart believe it is true as well.

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Douglas said...

Even if you can't do everything you want to, you are still an AMAZING person :-)