Monday, March 21, 2011

Ho Ho What???

On the way to our school today, I was driving I-70W when a metallic orange convertible merged into traffic. I noticed because i hate orange. When the driver changed lanes i thought, That's an oddly shaped hat quickly followed by, That's quite a beard and then, Is he wearing red long johns? OMG, that's Santa Claus driving that metallic orange convertible! Who knew? Funniest of all, when Santa realized i was looking at him (who wouldn't be?!?) he floored it and tried to dodge me. I very briefly gave chase, but once it was apparent that Santa had no issue with going 80 i backed off since i was in a work vehicle. Why is Santa in Carroll County, MD?


Erin said...

More importantly-you were in Carroll County and didn't tell me?

Kaaren said...

In March? Santa?

We were in Lakeland Sunday night to meet some of David's former co-workers for dinner. Isabel is sitting with their kids in a separate table. An older man in shorts & a tank top comes in. He has a beard (white) but is bald on top, and relatively thin. I heard Isabel whisper "Santa's here in Florida. In shorts." It was so cute.