Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The word she used was "perfect"

So i got my blood tests back from the doctor this morning and it is all good news. Yes, my stupid thyroid is malingering (die already you useless gland!), but thanks to pharmaceuticals i am now functioning as if i have a fully working endocrine system. I can go back to the gym. I can stay up later. I can have my life back. But for those of you afraid that i will push myself too hard and back-pedal, I draw your attention to this week's quote from one of Laura Lippman's fabulous Tess Monaghan novels (set in Baltimore, dontcha know?):

It kills him, admitting that. But you have to know your weaknesses. You have to be honest about the things that defeated you in the past if you hope to succeed in the future.

I know that i am not indestructible; oh, how i know it. The battle of the last three years to figure out what was wrong with me and find a way to fix it has permanently changed my view of myself and my view of what it means to be useful, productive and fulfilled. FORWARD CHARGE!


Kaaren said...

Take care and good for you!

Rea said...

WooHoo! Beware...perfect...tho..

Melanie said...

Woo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

please remember the indistructible part. None of us are. Glad you have finally seen it. Love Dad