Tuesday, March 8, 2011

update quickie

HI all.
Things are slowly coming under some semblance of control here in the Nikiverse; here is a super quick update:
-i went to Florida for 5 days
-mom has marked weakness on her right side, but no apparent damage to her language centers; there is some doubt as to whether medicare (-caid,whatever) will pay for her rehab so at the moment she is doing exercises at home to build her strength
-there are plans in place at work on how to take triple bookings for the next 3 months with only 2.5 teams available
 -i am handling the layoffs pretty well, now that i know the 2 fTMs are okay and am planning to rearrange furniture in the office to make myself feel better
-i am on my way to have thyroid testing done, with high expectations that all the results will be positive
 -a March charity has been chosen and will be posted in the next few days
 -if you are waiting for your blogiversary thank you package, over half have been mailed and the rest will go out tomorrow
 -i anticipate regular posting to resume by this weekend


Debbie said...

Glad you're doing well! The cards are such works of art- thanks for sharing! :-D

Rea said...

Want to hear the results of the test, please...

Anonymous said...

Niki, think medicare pays up to $1800 for PT for Mom. Her Dr. certainly should know that and he has to recommend. Dad