Friday, July 22, 2011

behind the scenes dirt

If you'd been downtown on Sunday you'd have seen me tearing around on a Segway, walkie-talkie in one hand, megaphone in the other, working the crowd and whipping them into a chanting frenzy as various objects plummeted from the roof of the museum 40 feet down to the bricks below.
It was more fun than should be legal.
What you wouldn't have seen was the crowd going back into the air-conditioned museum, leaving me with this:
unbreakable mustard bottles indeed aren't

...and this.

Oh yes, my friends: if you drop it, you gotta clean it up.
If we drop food, we try to drop over-ripe, not-fit-for-human-consumption food so it is a bit manky even before the 4 story fall and abrupt stop. That is not the easiest stuff to get up.
But if you wanna play the games, you gotta pay the price.

(though it doesn't keep me from wishing that i had roadies)


Brenda*Nery said...


Douglas said...

Where were the minions of the Nikiverse? Don't sparkle ponies like wonky mustard?

Anonymous said...

POWERWASHER!and then you get to play with a hose....not like it's not hot enuf to enjoy some good water fun! ;-P Sheryl