Tuesday, July 19, 2011

yellow squash, two ways

A trip to the farmer's market yielded some lovely yellow squash.
I'm not generally a squash connoisseur, but you know how i'm trying at least one new thing every month so i figured why not?.
The few times i've ever had yellow squash it has been with zucchini so i really had no idea what to do with these so i went with my old kitchen fall-back - make something up.
First up was roasting.
Kate P does a dynamite roasted veggie side dish that i decided to twist for my squash. I'd also gotten a sweet potato and tiny red potatoes at the farmer's market, so i cubed them up, tossed 'em in a glass dish and got them roasting in a 400 degree oven. While the taters cooked, i cut up a sweet onion and added into the dish after about 15 minutes. 10 minutes later the squash was sliced and quartered, then layered on top of the dish with some olive oil and a healthy sprinkling of curry powder. Every 10 minutes i stirred everything up as it slow roasted.
The result was so tender and curry-licious that i ate it by itself for dinner that night. The next day i had it cold for lunch and it was just as fabulous.
A few nights later i knew i was gonna have Boca Burgers for dinner, but was stuck for a veggie so it was time to finish off the yellow squash.
I love Boca's -especially the vegan ones- but they just beg for a spicy, exciting side dish, so the remaining 2 squash were sauteed after being sliced and then halved with sliced sweet onion. Last year at the farmer's market i had bought a fajita spice mixture from a local company that i haven't seen yet this year (i hope they didn't fold) and liberally applied to the squash and onion in the pan with a wee bit of olive oil it added just the right amount of heat.
left, Curried Squash and Taters; right, Fajita Squash


Brenda*Nery said...

Looks good!

Rea said...

Very nice...considering I currently have about 15 pounds of yellow and green zucchini to do something with!