Monday, July 4, 2011


I walked out to my car at lunch time and there was a tiny, little praying mantis walking on the hood. I work in the city; where did this itty, bitty little fellow come from?
I was sad that i didn't have my camera on me cause i'd just come out to give the car next to me a jump start. Oh well; these things happen.
I scooted the little guy up to the roof so that i could pop the hood and go about my business. Task completed, i went back inside and forgot all about him.
Seven hours later i arrived home.
Guess who came along for the ride?
How in the world did he make that journey on the outside of my car on the highway?
He must have found a nook to hide in or something, but when i got out of the car in front of my house, he was walking along the roof just as happy as you please.
He was so very tiny.

Anyhoo, i think he is going to like it here in the suburbs; he blends right it:


BrendaNery said...

This sweet blog made my morning ;)

Rea said...

VERY Cool!!