Tuesday, July 5, 2011

oh my aching coccyx

You know that here in the Nikiverse i like to share wee nuggets of information with you that i've picked up along my daily path. I generally follow the creed Set a Good Example Whenever You Can; Otherwise, Act as A Graphic Warning.
Today's Public Service Announcement falls firmly in the latter category.
ATTENTION: Segways are much lighter than you think they are. Despite having a gyroscopic drive and boasting amazing stability, if you are going through an automatic door and said door automatically closes before you are all the way through and catches one tire, a Segway can indeed be flipped over. All the way over. Onto you.
That's bad.
Especially if said door is the main entrance of a museum and you happen to be wearing a staff uniform of said museum.
GOOD NEWS: Segways really are much lighter than you think, so it doesn't hurt too, too much when it flips and lands on you after you've hit the floor. Plus, they are light enough to easily be righted as you pop up and say I meant to do that; let me tell you a little about how gyroscopes work.
Every moment is a teaching moment here in the Nikiverse, people.


Debbie said...

oh no! :-( Hope you weren't seriously injured, dear! Love how you always life share with such humor and good nature :-)

Douglas said...

Classic! Only in theNikiverse!

srapalmateer said...

Glad that you're not hurt! (But...no photographic evidence?!?!? How do we know this actually happened????) Hee hee

(I'm one to talk...I trip up steps!)

BrendaNery said...