Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yes, there was indeed an art show

...though you would never know it from my camera.
I spent 9 hours at the art exhibition in May: setting up, organizing, hanging art, greeting guests, running the raffle, talking to visitors, manning the cash box, hanging out with the artists, cleaning up and tearing everything down and somehow i only managed one crappy, blurry picture of the room:

and 2 awful pictures of the pieces i was showing:
entropy, multimedia

raging calm, multimedia
Really, you would think that i've never used my camera before.

With over 20 local artists (live, work or learn in my zipcode) represented and a collection of projects from 3 elementary and 2 middle schools, the event itself went really well. I learned a lot about staging an art exhibition [honestly, you wouldn't believe the paperwork involved] and have a bunch of ideas about what to do for next year.
My biggest disappointment was that i didn't do a better job with photo documenting, so i don't have anything better from the day to share with you. After mulling it over for the last month i've decided instead to tell you about the two pieces of mine that i ended up displaying.
Generally, i don't like to share too much about what i was thinking about while creating art because i like people to be able to interpret each piece for themselves, but i'm gonna make an exception as both of these pieces do have interesting stories: one started as a birthday card and the other as one of the worst days at work ever.

to be continued

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