Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas pics

This year Momma and I got a new-to-us Christmas tree when my sister bought a bigger one for her house. There were so many colored mini-lights on this puppy that we only had to add some ribbon and a few ornaments for it to look really pretty in front of the sliding glass doors. The ribbon angel managed to make it through another year after some trimming and dress alterations.

Christmas morning was very laid back with traditional hot rolls, stockings and squeals of delight opening gifts.
Most of the day was spent preparing dinner -which will get its own post because it was kind of a big deal- and the evening belonged to eating and hanging out with Kris and her family.
My nephew and his girlfriend drove up from Florida so there were 8 of us in Mom's little apartment.
It was crowded, loud and wonderful. Just look at how many takes it took to get a picture of Kris and her boys:

Here is the family with Larry,
the boys with their girlfriends Krissy and Ari,
Kris and Larry,

and the girls.

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