Saturday, January 12, 2013

not above cliches

It snowed quite a bit while i was in Ohio.
Mom's balcony faces the forest and the courtyard where there are bird feeders. We spent quite a while watching the birds forage during the storm. You'd think that they'd lay low until the snow stopped and then come out,  but no, they were flitting and flying about, fighting against the snow and wind to get food.
Here for your viewing pleasure -especially those of you in the south- are seven pictures of cardinals in the snow:


Falling snow, red flash.

Crest held high against the wind.
All for tasty seeds. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Niki. Bird ID 4U: That one bird on the ground with the cardinals is a junco (or, as Anne Murray used to sing it, "snowbird.")


Niki said...

Anne i haven't thought of that song in forever.
Thanks Diane!