Saturday, January 19, 2013

question everything

Last night Rea and I were having a serious discussion about our progress on the Week 1 Get Organized Challenge [read: making fun of things we saw in each other's before pictures]. She asked if i really had a gourd in a basketball hoop on my floor (it is actually a gourd in a lazy susan) and i asked if she really thought she needed 8 keyboards not hooked up to anything (she pointed out that it was in fact only 3 keyboards, thank you very much).
Having now moved every piece of furniture in the studio, swept, swiffered and dusted every inch of floor and wall and started the purging process, here are some of the many other questions that have occurred to me over the last two  days:
What is that?
What does that do?
Why do i have that?
Is there an expiration date on these things?
Where is the hammer i just had in my hand?
WHAT is that?
Why are there so many dead bees under my paint cabinet?
When did i get this?
Why did i get this?
I didn't actually pay money for that, did I?
What IS that?
Did that dust bunny just move?
Do i really need that?
Why do i have my medical records from my pediatrician?
And why were they filed with envelopes?
How much could i get for this on Craig's List?
Where is the pedal for my sewing machine?
What is THAT?
What should i do with this USGS map of Fort Yukon, Alaska from 1956?
What is that smell?
How did i end up with ten orange pens when i don't even like orange?
Does this belong to me?
From whom did i borrow that?
Is the floor level anywhere in this room?
and, of course,
Where am i going to hang these antlers?


Anonymous said...

I'm amused by your list, though it's certainly comprehensive, and I could ask *myself* some of those questions. Please post photos of where you hang the antlers.


Rea said...

Everyone needs at LEAST 3...possibly 12! Now...if it's NOT an orange pen, you borrowed it from ME!!

Seriously, though, I am very proud of you and so far behind!!

Anonymous said...

I like orange.

Anonymous said...

What is that beautiful house?
Well, how did I get here?


Niki said...

Frack - why is my suit so big?