Thursday, January 17, 2013

hows about changing that quote, Nik?

This was not the best week in the Nikiverse.
It was rainy and grey and sleepy.
I felt sick and then i felt punk.
I was offered some opportunities that are exciting, terrifying and overwhelming -
you know, the mixture of emotions that makes one (read: me) crawl back in bed and pull the covers over one's head, but then not be able to sleep with all the planning and scheming running through one's head?
The six months for The Plan are almost over.
 (crap, that was fast)
Great strides have been made on both Part One and Part Two of The Plan. I am pretty happy with what i have accomplished since August, yet i am left with as many questions as before; they are just different questions.
Cruising the YouTube as i am often want to do when taking a break (this time from moving furniture, see previous post) i came upon a version of Shake It Out by the Capital Children's Choir that is amazing and lovely. [btw, if you watch that video see the footnote]
Afterwards i went and listened again to the original version by Florence + The Machine.
There was all my unease and hesitation in the lyrics.
I love it when someone else's words capture my emotions; it is good to know you aren't the only one feeling a certain way.
And i really love her answer to it all - SHAKE IT OUT.
The link above has all of the lyrics to the song, but to be a bit more concise with this week's quote (and possibly this month's, given how i've been slacking about changing it) we're gonna go with:
And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back,
so shake him off...
Gotta go dance, people.

footnote: did that little boy at the beginning of the video just slay you?
and how about that drum line? they were so freaking serious. did you see the two kids trying to do stick flips? hilarious. they need to watch my video of Ron from a few days ago
the guilelessness of the girls who can't stop themselves from swaying and dancing made me smile.

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