Monday, January 7, 2013

swirly marshmallows - who knew?

There are not a lot of reasons for me to be strolling down the marshmallow aisle of the supermarket. I like marshmallows -love 'em actually- but they aren't part of my every day food pyramid. That is why i had no idea that this existed:
Yes, caramel and vanilla swirled marshmallows.
My two favorite dessert flavors mixed together in the fluffy, chewy yumminess of marshmallows?
With a ridiculous made up name like SwirlMallows?
Can you even imagine a more Niki food?
Why didn't anyone tell me that this existed?!?
My mommy had bought them for me before i got to Ohio because it was supposed to snow while i was visiting over the holidays. She knows i can't resist a mug of hot chocolate when it snows and that i believe hot chocolate is 257% better with marshmallows.
You know how when you are super excited about something, it often can't live up to your expectations?
Not a problem here.
They were delightful confectionery masterpieces; yes, i am gonna use the word masterpieces in connection with marshmallows.
People, these things are d-darn-licious either as a tiny treat straight out of the bag or melting into your hot chocolate making a hot caramel-vanilla-chocolate.
let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Next time you come in from playing in the snow (or the adult equivalent: shoveling blech) try some caramel and vanilla swirled marshmallows; it'll make you smile.


Melanie said...

This post makes me happy. :)

Anonymous said...

O. M. G.
this made me think about going onto to see what other flavors are out there - and guess what I found? HEAVEN! Spiced Hot Chocolate Cheesecake and even better - it has a marshmallow creme topping!!! i'm making this ASAP!