Tuesday, April 3, 2007

BB's Jazz Blues & Soups

I am a firm believer in making the most of the time you have, but I can be a wuss (sometimes) when it comes to going to places by myself. For instances, I hate going to the movies by myself and I am not a big fan of eating dinner out by myself (breakfast and lunch don't bother me - go figure) and I really don't like seeing bands by myself. The band thing is weird because when I am watching a band my entire focus is concentrated on the band and i really don't notice anything else around me. I think the problem is that during breaks you have nothing to do and no one to talk to. To end my St Louis adventure i decided to be very, very brave and go to a blues club to have dinner and see a band by myself. it was kinda hard, but I'm glad i did it. There was a moment of trepidation when i pulled into a dark, somewhat deserted parking lot within spitting distance of the stadium at 9:30 pm and found BBs Jazz Blues and Soup. Yep. That sketchy little brick building. That's where i was going. By myself. Without my nightstick. Yep. Turned out that it was adorable inside, with a great little stage in the back that all of the tables conveniently faced. I had fabulous barbequed sausage (their Q sauce is spicy with a hint of oregano, of all things) and saw a GREAT blues band called Crying Shame. They played until 2am and the bar was open till 3am - on a Wednesday! I love this town. I had a wonderful time and was impressed with the band, the food and especially the cool staff at BBs. Oh, and the ladies room. Most bars have scary ladies rooms, but BB's was mosaic coolness. One final note about St Louis : thanks to Missouri's finest who pulled me over in the middle of the night doing 77 in a 55; not only did he not give me a ticket, he didn't even give me a written warning, but instead simply said "slow it down, please" and sent me on my way. I loves me some Boys in Blue. And i really loved St. Louis. I can't wait to go back and see MORE!

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