Sunday, April 29, 2007

Mr and Mrs Palmateer Go to Catonsville

ouch... it hurts to type... so very stiff and sore and i didn't even move furniture (well, not really big furniture at least) Moving Day went very well on Saturday. The troops gathered at the townhouse around 9am for donuts and a strategy session (and to pawn off some of Kate and Jason's crap on unsuspecting relatives). The panel truck was loaded up as were several cars. Even my little car carried her fair share: (can you spot Kate's Cabbage Patch Doll tucked in the middle?) Then it was on the Catonsville and unloading. It would seem that the job was almost done, but NO, the panel truck went back to Glen Burnie for another load. That might not seem too amazing unless you know that Kate's dad had already made at least 2 previous trips on Thursday and Friday with the truck loaded! Eventually the job was done and we could settle in for pizza and puzzles. Welcome to Catonsville Kate and Jason!

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srapalmateer said...

Thank you for all your help on Saturday! You're amazing!!!!