Monday, April 23, 2007

Woe is ME!

My beautiful, beautiful, faithful cutter... I have a Fiskars Tabletop Rotary cutter. It's huge and cuts like nobody's business. I love it; i use it nearly everyday. Even though it is ginormous i haul it to crops with me. Did i mention that i love it? If you have ever received anything from me that has been cut, it was cut on THAT cutter. Saturday i was at an all-day crop hosted by my friend Anne at her church to support Manna Madagascar. I try to go every month to support the charity, get some projects done and to hang out and be inspired by my cool, ridiculously talented cropping cronies. This month i took 3 project to work on and was really making some progress. I had just cut 183 pieces of blue and yellow cardstock into 8X8 squares for the PoD 2004 books when i tried to change the blade in my cutter. My beautiful, beautiful cutter. The carriage snapped off in my hand. Snapped off. In my hand. Snapped. Off. Who cares, you say? Well... I care. And all the unfortunate people around me who had to listen to me wail, then cry, then complain, then moan, then weep, then sniffle certainly cared. All work came to a screeching halt; i got nothing else done. There is nothing worse that creative interruptus; all that momentum just wasted. sigh... Gotta call Fiskars; I feel incomplete without my cutter. (though if it's the worst problem i have this week, i guess i'll take it! ;->)


Francie the "wise" said...

May I offer my condolences in this your time of loss?

Christina said...

As probably the only reader who uses a rotary cutter anywhere near as much as you do, might I suggest:

(Ergo 2000 Rotary Cutter 60mm-Right Hand)

It's the awesomest. Really, much easier on the wrist. Comes in both right- and left-handed versions.