Thursday, April 26, 2007

How bad was my day?

The following is from a telephone conversation at 6:50pm - Jason: We're unpacking some boxes and are going to get some dinner, do you want to come over? Niki: Is there liquor? Jason: Yes. Niki: Unpacked? Jason: Yes. There's liquor here. Niki: I'm leaving work now; i'll be there in 20 minutes or less. I walk in 15 minutes later. Jason takes one look at me and gives me a hug as he reaches for a bottle. Before Kate can finish the sentence "Let me find you a shotglass" I am sipping 1800 tequila directly from the bottle and Jason says "we have lime Tostitos which can be both your salt and lime." You have to have days like this one to appreciate how good your life is most of the time, but DAMN... -Van 2's transmission died yesterday at a school and had to be left there -the person in charge of van maintenance didn't show at work till 10, so i had already done all of the work to figure out how and where to get it towed and then i drove to the school to leave a key in it to drive back to work to drive to the school i was actually doing today (wait, don't i delegate this stuff for a reason?!?) -one employee got a call from a doctor saying that he needed to see her for some tests tomorrow; hopefully not a big deal medically and a quick schedule rewrite -one employee hit another car in the parking lot this morning -one employee hit his head unloading the van at a school, knocking himself silly so that someone had to find a uniform, drive like a bat out of hell and cover his show; right now he is at urgent car seeing if he has a concussion, which means i will have to redo the schedules again at 10:00 tonite -the new transmission is gonna be $2400 and we won't have the van back till Wednesday And yes, i did take the last 2 days off. Do you believe me about the curse, yet? Even my boss said "we won't call it 'taking time off;' from now on we'll say you are 'coming in late.'" I'm going home, figuring out the scheduling nonsense and going to bed. Tomorrow will be better.

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