Tuesday, April 10, 2007

RIP stripey Guatemala bag

Over my long weekend i finally switched out camera bags. I have carried the stripey bag since 1995 when Katie Lewis (now there's a name from the past; i bet few of you actually even remember her) gave it to me for my birthday. I have taken that bag everywhere with camera, batteries, film, photo journal and electrical tape inside. It was certainly showing the wear. But most importantly, now that i am using 2 cameras i needed a more secure way to carry them. When Leenie and I were in DC a few weeks ago the digital camera beat up the film camera and cracked its case ( i think it is trying to prove that i don't still NEED a film camera, but i won't tolerate bullying) so they have to be separated. I found a new bag that seems to work, but certainly doesn't have the personality of my old one. So here is a moment of silence for the passing of my Guatemala bag...

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