Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Greatest Human Being on the PLANET

(at least for today) is my cropping crony, Jean. What can I say about this brilliant, lovely, talented woman? She is the president of her own PR company, wife, mother of 2 boys, photographer, knitter, scrapper and all-around amazing artist. Jean developed a vaccine for polio (or would have if vainglorious Jonas Salk hadn't beaten her to it (or if perhaps she had been alive in the 50s)), single-handedly freed several small, third-world countries from evil tyrants, was the first woman to walk on the moon and translated the Rosetta Stone. But more important than all of that, Jean gave me her rotary tabletop cutter! She was unfortunate enough to be sitting at the table when mine broke and had to suffer the snivelling that immediately followed. So what did this paragon of virtue, friend to all do in light of my river of tears? She said, "you know, i never use mine; I'll let you know if i still have it." Yesterday i got the e-mail "i found the cutter and you are welcome to it." So today i picked up my new cutter. YEA!!!!! Let the creativity flow. Thanks, Jean-Jean-Scrappin' Machine

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