Monday, April 2, 2007

Why i don't go on vacation

1. 85 e-mails, only 3 pertinent 2. 4 voicemail messages about stuff that happened already that i can't change 3. giant pile of crap in in-box 4. team member arrives with child in tow (you know something has gone wrong there) 5. desk looks like post-it monster vomited on it 6. different team member gives letter of resignation 5 minutes after walking in I go away, bad things happen. There is a direct correlation; i could draw you a chart if you'd like.


Erin said...

Most of all-the reason you don't go on vacation-cause you leave me! Nooooooo

Anonymous said...

To put it in perspective, most of those probably would have happened even if you did not go away, and without the mitigating factor of the awesome trip - so it's still worth it.