Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Amish Friendship Bread

For my birthday, team member Amy gave me a starter of Amish Friendship bread. I had never see it before, though we were talking about it at Erin's parent's house on my birthday. It is a sweet fermented bread that you cook from a starter and share with others, kinda like sourdough. So your friend gives you a bag and instructions of what to do on what day. It takes 10 days of mushing, adding ingredients and fermenting before you bake it. Some days you can easily see the fermenting in the form of bubbles, or the bag filling with gas Right before the addition of the final ingredients you scoop out four starter bags, keeping one for yourself and giving three to your friends. There are a lot of variations and additions you can make to the batter, but since this was my first batch I just did the standard cinnamon-sugar. You are supposed to cook it in 2 loaf pans and i discovered that i don't own 2 loaf pans, but somehow i do own 4 mini-loaf pans. There were no timing directions for them, of course, so i tested them every 7 minutes until i was happy with the consistency. I realized this morning that the recipe called for a large box of pudding and i used a standard size so i was afraid they wouldn't be good, but it turned out okay. The mini-loaf i gave to Erin was almost finished by the time i got back from my show; in fact, she had given up slicing it and was devouring it directly from the foil, like a chipmunk She finished it about 45 seconds after that picture was taken, causing this face and then a less-than-dignified licking of the wrappings I take that to mean it was good. You can start your own, or you can wait 8 days when i will have 3 more starters to share. I love friendship you can taste!

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