Sunday, May 25, 2008

Confirmed Sighting

How do you know that summer has come to the Nikiverse? Chipmunks! Not these these! As i was leaving my house to go to Colleen's (by way of my office) I had my first chipmunk sighting! I freaking love chipmunks. They seem so industrious and purposeful, but not in a boring worker-bee way; they've got stuff to do and places to be, but they seem joyful to me. They run like every moment is precious to them and must not be wasted (or like they know there is a hawk living next door). Have you ever seen anything so fast? Plus they can turn on a dime and run with their wee tail straight up in the air. They crack me up. I only ever see one at a time around my house and then only in the summer. Therefore, just like goats mean spring, chipmunks mean summer. I wanted to get a picture, but have YOU ever tried to photograph a chipmunk? Wow - they're fast. I stalked Mr Chipmunk for a while and managed to snap this Sasquatch-esque pic to prove that it is indeed summer in Catonsville.


Anonymous said...

My observations are less suggestive that the chipmunks have a sense of purpose, and more suggestive that they're stoned out of their tiny little minds on cocaine.


Niki said...

That would explain the speed with which they move; but, you know i like to take the optimistic view.

Kaaren said...

I actually never saw my first chipmunk until the first time David took me to Lookout Mountain to "meet the folks."