Friday, May 16, 2008

Do kids actually like clowns?

This little guy was sitting on a shelf in the Reading Resource Room at today's school. He is looking down at the reading table watching the kids learn, overseeing their homonym and homophone education. Just look at him, all top-hatted and pom-pom shoed. Look at the hand-stitched gloves. And the multi-layered collar. Obviously someones Nana or Oma or Mawma spent a lot of time and love creating this guy.
But now look closer You just know that this guy comes alive at night, right? You know he moves things around and messes with the teachers' minds. You know that he's at work because his unfortunate owner couldn't stand the thought of him being in the house, at night, when he comes alive.

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Kaaren said...


Clowns are ok. Clown puppets, marionnettes (sp?) and dummies? Wiggins!