Friday, May 16, 2008


Oh, what a week it has been. If i were to bore you with all the details (not gonna cause even i don't want to relive some of it) some would be inclined to say that i had a bad week. But that isn't completely true. I also had a good week. Now i know that you are thinking that physics tells us that 2 objects can not occupy the same space at the same time, but let's all remember that Universal Laws do not necessarily apply here in the Nikiverse. Somehow my bad week and good week occupied the same space. I was ran late for every appointment. But some of those appointments involved birthday festivities. I received more presents. I had 2 work vehicles die in 24 hours. I got a lot accomplished. I got no sleep. I had to do shows by myself, driving my car. There is a plan in place to get new vehicles. I was so prepared that i left the house with 3 separate outfits for back to back events. I only got to use one of the outfits (and it was my uniform, not the cute black skirt with purple embroidered flowers). Up and down, up and down, up and down. I'm exhausted just from how many times my mood has changed this week. I mean everybody enjoys good weeks and we all know how to dig in and endure bad weeks, but this turning on a dime is just confusing. It's one thing if my own inherent craziness makes me oscillate, but another thing entirely if the universe is doing it to me. Need an example? These 2 pictures were taken about 1 hour apart The van just died in a park in Delaware during lunch, stranding one of my teams. They had to have someone come from the school and get them to perform their afternoon show, after which someone took them back to the broken vehicle in the park and dropped them off. Obviously i couldn't leave them there, so after team member Felicia and I finished our 2 shows south of Baltimore (on an Army base where we had to have our vehicle and its science stuff inspected twice) we drove back to work (though our exit was blocked by a jack-knifed tractor trailer) to unload our van. I put in another van seat (technically the CEO of my museum put in the seat on my instruction), drove to Delaware to get the van towed, pick up my team, go to the school and pick up the kit they had to leave there and then come home. [did i mention that i was supposed to be at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the time?] It was long, chaotic and frustrating, especially considering that another van had to be towed from in front of the museum that morning. So on the way home I got permission to take the team out to dinner on the company dime [the COO's exact words were "Absolutely. And I hope you do better the a Wendy's"] so we stopped at the Bagaboo Creek Steakhouse. Yep. There was a moose outside, that team member Rob communed with i want a mooooose and the interior decorating can only be described as Canadian kitsch on speed Yes, those are rows of antler chandeliers. Yes, that Mountie next to team member Amy is 8 feet tall. Yes, there was an animatronic raccoon, and an owl and an overachieving bass. Yes, i did order the "Moosebreath Burger." It was delightful. And tasty. And free (if you don't count the 5 hours of my life i'm never getting back) That was just half of one day - the entire week was like that: up and down, up and down, up and down. ENOUGH, says I, time for some calm. I am planning on a quiet night at home, going to the library tomorrow and spending my birthday giftcards. If you would like to go on a little adventure, bring me pasteries or have an emergency that requires my attention, you'll have to come find me. I'm turning the ringer off on my phone!

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