Friday, May 9, 2008

trust the burro

Today I was scheduled to do a chemistry show by myself about 15 minutes from where Erin lives, so she volunteered to be my "adult partner" (cause you never do science without an adult partner, ladies and gentlemen). After the hilarity that was our show, Erin suggested lunch at her local Mexican place, Papa Joe's Yes, it is in a business strip. Yes, it is downstairs from a church. Yes, it is the size of my apartment. Yes, it is so small they don't even have a website for me to put in a link. [note: apparently i didn't look hard enough; Erin just posted the website in the comments. It's not my fault if Google couldn't find it!] But it was adorable and the food was YUMMY! We split a chorizo con queso with corn tortillas that was spicy and melty and i had a steak burrito with salsa verde that was delish. Erin's chorizo and chicken quesadillas looked great and i can't wait to try the leftovers later (she sent them home with me!!!). If you are in Westminster, MD look in the parking lot behind Main St and you will find Papa Joe's. You should go in, after all who can argue with a smiling burro?

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