Thursday, May 8, 2008 a sucking vortex

There was a time when i didn't want a digital camera. In fact, there was a time when i hated digital cameras. But last year Mel and Mike sent me a well-loved digital camera and i slowly started integrating into my life. I use my film camera when i am taking photos that will be scrapbooked, but grab the digital for quick things or images that i know will end up here. Oh so slowly, almost insidiously, that tiny camera became my constant companion. It wormed its way into my life. [Did i ever tell you about the time the digital camera beat up the film camera and cracked its case?] Now, my beloved (but devious) camera is having a nervous breakdown. I need to take it to the doctor to see if it just needs a new battery pack or if it is time to move on, but I haven't gotten around to it because it didn't seem very pressing. How wrong I was. Apparently i can no longer live my life without a digital camera. Today I went to my briefcase not once, not twice, but three times to pull out the camera and realized that it wasn't there! My short-term memory must be going because it was a horrible shock each time. The technology that i once despised is now exerting a gravitational pull on me. I can't break free from it. I am planning my weekend around going to the camera doctor, the library (to do internet price searches), Best Buy, and Sam's Club. Thank goodness it is a triple paycheck month; i might go insane if i couldn't get this fixed soon. I can't believe i ever reached this point. What is the escape velocity from technology?

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