Tuesday, May 6, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day

I am back from the funnness that was my scrapbook retreat with Rickki in Williamsburg. I wasn't the best nor the worst retreat i've been on and i DID get to spend NSD actually scrapbooking with my best friend. We had a round banquet table to ourselves; that might sound like a lot of space, but we managed to utilize it all. There were plenty of snacks Since Rickki had fly here she could only bring 2 bags worth of supplies so she pre-made page kits to work on - 42 in fact and there she is working away on them. I finally got a move on the Picture of the Day project from 2004. (yes, i realize how long ago that was, thank you) I am doing it on timecards The weather was awesome and on Saturday we spent some time walking around Colonial Williamsburg. My camera is slowly having a nervous breakdown (as you can see from the previous pics) so I didn't take it with me; photos will follow once i get them from Rickki.


Kaaren said...

Our camera did the same thing; weird lines. It was some weird defect that they covered. Cannon had me mail it to them, on their dime, they fixed it and sent it back to me within a week.

Melanie said...

I love the timecard idea; very clever!

Rea said...

FUN was had by ALL!! Thank you so much!! I miss you already!