Saturday, June 21, 2008

Completely Irresponsible Side Note

If you are looking for a cheap thrill here are a few simple steps: 1. Seriously lower your alcohol tolerance by basically giving it up except in rare social circumstances. 2. Drink a couple of rum and cokes by the pool in the middle of a hot afternoon on an empty stomach. 3. Ride the DC Metro during Friday evening rush hour. Wow. It is like an amusement park inside of your head. The physical and mental experience of trying to just NOT FALL DOWN when there are no seats is worth the price of admission. And the people watching is incredible. I mean, Metro is always full of the craziest people, but tipsy they are hilarious. Thanks to the lady in the navy dress with the white flip-flops who gave me 3 stops worth of contemplation : was the second toe on her left foot just curled under or actually deformed? (BTW people, perhaps you shouldn't wear open shoes if you have ugly or freaky feet and NO ONE should wear flip flops except at the beach - man, i hate those things) Of course, you will want to remember to drink plenty of water to recover from your excursion. And have a sober buddy to make sure you get off at the right stop. NOTE : the previous message should not be viewed as an endorsement of drinking, public tipsiness, irresponsibility, rum, pools, weird feet or public transportation.

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Kaaren said...

LOL - I HATE flip flops. I am forever complaining about people at Disney wearing them. Whyyyyy?