Wednesday, June 11, 2008


At some point it all becomes too much and you need to find refuge. Douglas was at dinner one night last week with some old friends while i stayed at the house to work. The AC wasn't working right, i was covered in 30 year old grime, i was breaking out from all of my pores being choked with dust and sweat, there were girlie issues, my butt was killing me cause i'd been to the trainer and i just couldn't take any more of Freakville. My only recourse was to build a fort in the living room. Cardboard boxes and vintage lace are excellent building materials. Mr. Gnome stood by the door entrance (cause no one would want to go past him!). There was even a play musket. I was safe. Just as i was getting comfortable, Douglas came home. He'd brought yummy leftovers including raspberry pound cake with ice cream. Yummmo! He agreed - albeit reluctantly - to guard the fort while i found a spoon. Wow, look at his face : I think he thought i had finally cracked. Obviously i needed pictures of us in the fort eating dessert. This was the first time i tried the timer on the new camera with some hilarious results The pictures might not be any good, but the break from reality was exactly what i needed.


anne said...

Hey Girl!
Get out from under that table and answer your email. I am saving the last spot to my crop on July 12th for you. Say that you can come Please Please! We need some time with the Nikster! BTW I cannot believe that gnome. There must be one hell of a story behined that little guy. Reminds me of when I used to shop down in Baltimore city at the big 4,(Hechts, Hoschilds, Stewarts & Brager Gutmans)in the early 80's. A true breeding ground for the sexually confused.

Mike said...

I hope you took the gnome home. Throwing it away may only cause some sort of evil karmic blowback. It's better for all of us that someone knows where he is at all times.


Niki said...

I believe that the gnome ended up going to Douglas.