Friday, June 27, 2008

"Frieze of Doves"

I am a big supporter of art in unusual places. I generally enjoy the idea of public art even if i don't care for the art piece itself. But WHAT in tarnation is this? That would be a ledge of stone doves on the outside of today's library. Stone doves. In alarmingly accurate detail Why? Who thought, The library needs some art on it. How about some doves? I know : life-like dove butts! Are people so naturally drawn to doves that they merit placement on a public building, like a library? From a distance they look like a ledge of giant albino pigeons. Plus, the doves are a weird size, cause they are bigger than real-life, but not by much. You would think, especially in a public art forum, that the artist would have gone for exact size to highlight the realism or super big to highlight the fact that they're stone. Here's team member Lindsey to give you a size reference. Doves. Somebody thought of this. Somebody commissioned this. Somebody made money on this. And if you happen to live in Montgomery County, MD you'll be happy to know that your 1991 tax dollars probably paid for this.

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Anonymous said...

What? MoCo has some sort of shortage of pigeons and mourning doves?