Saturday, June 14, 2008

Really chill

Last night I had dinner at Franci and Brian's house and saw the craziest thing. They have a greyhound named Jordan who is really chill. This dog's mission in life is to nap and nap he does. He was sleeping curled up on the couch next to me (which is a feat in and off itself since his legs are longer than mine) when he flipped onto his back and stretched out his legs and tail toward the ceiling. It looked like the doggy equivalent of a full-body yawn. And then he went back to sleep. In that position - Flat on his back, paws and tail pointed at the ceiling! How is that even possible? How can he nap with his tail sticking up? Have you ever seen a dog on it's back except when it is getting a nice belly scratch? Jordan can't be bothered with things like physiology or gravity. If it is time to nap then it is time to nap no matter what position he's in.

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