Thursday, November 19, 2009

golden autumn leaves make me smile

Wearing a uniform most of the time i am awake makes the days i can wear real clothes special.
Some days the outfit just comes together on its own, like yesterday.
I knew i was going to wear a black dress with a sweater.
The pink sweater i wanted is MIA (really, i can't find the darn thing; its not in the closet and its not in the dirty clothes - what the heck?) but the purple cashmere was clean and on the top of the pile.
Purple and black are my favorite colors so we were already on a good path.
 I have a new-ish vintage crystal necklace that i have yet to wear, so it went on.
My hair was pinned into double loop and i decided on gold Trifari leaves to highlight the gold spacers on the necklace.
I inherited them from a great aunt and really like them, but rarely wear them since they are rather plain. [plus they have a weird closure so they are tough to get placed in my hair and even harder to get out]
As i was finishing getting ready the necklace kept getting covered by the sweater.
 I tried it buttoned, unbuttoned, and half-buttoned to no avail.
I changed to a gold and purple crystal necklace, but it had the same problem.
 I dumped the necklace idea and decided to go with a brooch instead.
There is a great black one... nope, too heavy.
There is a great purple and pink one... nope, wrong style to go with the cardigan.
There is a nice purple floral one... nope, it is silver and i am not completely redoing my hair so the gold doesn't clash. 
I found a vintage gold leaf pin for $5 that almost perfectly matches the earrings years ago and have never had a chance to wear them together. 

Since it is a single leaf instead of a classic brooch shape i wasn't sold on how it would play on the side of the sweater.
 Instead, given the classic cut of the cardigan and the vintage shape of the pin i thought i would go totally 50's by using it as a sweater guard.

On the way out I realized i didn't have any earrings on. 
Don't I own single gold leaf earrings? 
 Yes, yes i do. 
I love it when a plan comes together; especially when there wasn't much of a plan to begin with.

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Douglas said...

The proper combination of elements to create the perfect appearance is as much an inexact science as it is an art and therefore cannot be guaranteed in ordinary circumstances. Only in The Nikiverse can such perfection be achieved.