Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm NOT old (but i might be tired)

Finally, finally, finally finished editting, resizing, uploading, blogging and ordering pictures from the wedding.
That took a hot minute; stupid cold/flu/virus thing that kicked my butt this week.
This is the first chance i've had to really look at some of these pictures and it just struck me : at some point I must have gotten old.
Honestly, i don't feel very old.
I know that i'm lived a lot of life, but internally i just don't feel old. I feel more mature, more centered, more secure, less scattered, but certainly not old.
Yet somehow my nephews -whose births i remember like it was last year- look like this
What the heck?
When did this happen?
Matt is MARRIED?
David owns his own successful welding company?
When did they become grown-ups?
I taught them to tie their shoes, for goodness sakes.
If they are grown-ups, what does that make me?

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