Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey asparagus - Bite Me!

Oh yes, people, i have indeed finally cooked and eaten asparagus in my own home!
You might recall that over the summer asparagus was my culinary nemesis.
But no more.

I bought some Monday night and am going to have it with roasted chicken tonite or tomorrow, but this morning i was feeling frisky and decided that asparagus needed to be cooked immediately.
For breakfast. I chopped 2 spears cooked them with garlic in some olive oil until they were just a little tender, added some salsa, and let the whole pan cook down a bit.
Then i scrambled in some eggs.
The dish could not be categorized as attractive per se (orange eggs seldom are) but it was tasty!
  I sliced up some gala apples and sprinkled them with cinnamon-sugar
 (i realize that was not a great choice to enhance the attractiveness of the meal) bringing a great crunchy sweet juxtaposition to the softer spicy eggs.
 Most importantly, asparagus no longer has the upper hand in the kitchen.

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