Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding redux

Work and illness (mine and others') has kept me from my appointed blogging rounds.
To get it out of the queue i'm going to post some wedding and reception pictures with minimal commentary.
So here is my nephew, Matt, marrying his sweetheart, Kelly,
2 weeks ago in rural Ohio.

Kris realizes about 10 minutes before the wedding that all of the groomsman have done their french cuffs wrong; as she redid Matt's i loved that he called out to his boys We blew it. Come get your cuffs changed.

and after.
My sister, Kris, with her sons and new daughter-in-law

My nickname for the groom has been Monkey-head for years; no one can even remember why anymore. But look at this picture and tell me that the name doesn't fit his impish ways:
Not even married an hour and already he's holding her stuff while she goes to the ladies' room.
Leaving the ceremony amid bubbles,
this is my favorite picture of the afternoon because it is candid and genuine.

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Kaaren said...

The flowers w/the bridesmaids' dresses look so good together.