Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wedding redux, part 2

I already posted pictures of the decorations and such, but here are a few reception photos from Matt and Kelly's wedding. [note: it was reeeeeeeally dark in the hall in a cool, moody way so some of the pics are questionable - sorry]
The arch that drove multiple groomsmen to drink while putting it together came out gre
at. Here is Kris and her SO Larry entering with the flowergirl, Emma

and the happy couple
It may be grainy, but you can see their smiles during their first dance to I Thought I Loved You Then
Kris managed to not cry during her dance with her baby.
The cake was 4 tiers, alternating white and chocolate with a wonderful boiled sugar icing in cream with chocolate fondant accents
They both intended to be nice during the cake feeding, but Kelly anticipated Matt making a move and did a preemptive icing strike
With the white on black and the expression on his face,
doesn't Matt look like a 40's mobster getting ready
to call in a hit on someone?
You know that party is getting well underway when grandmas are dancing
and bridesmaids are doing kegstands
Finally, all the setup and stress is over and everyone can just relax.
Kris and Larry
me with the boys

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Pretty cake! :)