Monday, April 12, 2010

art goals

Not only do i make New Year's Resolutions every year, I also give myself specific goals in various facets of my life.
Some of them i declare loudly to be accountable to whoever'll listen, some of them i never share because they are for personal self-improvement and some -like my art goals- i don't share until i have achieved them.
This year i had 2 art goals and i finished one in February and the other i committed to finish in March. Oh! That means i get to count them as "new things" as well.
Firstly, i wanted to sell cards and/or a piece of art in a physical store. During the week of Valentine's Day (around the snow) i sold 16 cards at Objects Found.
I think i sold more in March, but i haven't received the check yet to be sure.
Next, i wanted to display a piece of art in a public forum. On March 30th i submitted my paperwork to showcase a piece called Secret Revelation in the Catonsville Bicentennial Fine Arts Exhibit. I'm not sure i'd consider my assemblages "fine art" but the coordinator has already called me to accept my application (it's local; i'm pretty sure they accepted everyone who turned in paperwork). The actual exhibit takes place in a local church in June and July so i guess technically i haven't achieved this goal yet, but i can't really back out now without moving to another zipcode. When the time comes i'll post details about place and times. I might have painted notecards for sale there as well.
Until then, here are a few peaks of the piece
(it didn't photograph particularly well; you'll just have to come see it in person.)


Rea said...

Good for you!

Rea said...

click on this...

Niki said...

Thanks for my wordle, baby!

Melanie said...

Congratulations, Niki!